Rhythm and Poetry

by Feral the Earthworm

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Diana Mendoza
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Diana Mendoza It's nice to hear something different than today's sexualized and provocative hip-hop music.
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Sam Ripoll These are genuine words that need to be heard. Favorite track: Good Enough.
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As a nineteen year old I wrote and recorded this whole thing in my room on a $100 microphone. Rhythm and Poetry is not for sale, it's a free project that I created for practice. The beats were from songs that I'd grown up listening to and loving.


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released July 15, 2013


1. Fugees - Zealots
2. Big Meal - Put It On Em
3. Funkdoobiest - Rock On
4. Danny Brown - Grown Up
5. MOP - Ante Up
6. Souls of Mischief - 93 til' Infinity
7. Neckclippa - Til' Infinity
8. Atmosphere - Guns n' Cigarettes
9. Souls of Mischief - Never No More (76 Seville Mix)
10. Redman - Whateva Man
11. Funkdoobiest - Superhoes
12. KRS One - MC's Act Like They Don't Know


Common - The Light (Kero One Remix)
Neckclippa - Epidemic
Wax - Music and Liquor
Atmosphere - My Songs
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - They Reminisce Over You
Nas - I Know I Can
Gang Starr - You Know My Steez
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - They Reminisce Over You (Vibes Mix)
Funkdoobiest - Wopbabalubop (Soul Assassins Remix)
Jay Z - the Blueprint 2



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Feral the Earthworm Austin, Texas

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Track Name: JFK
My thoughts are twisted
My styles natural
I stuffed a thousand years of wisdom in a satchel
cats'll try to tell you that I'm faker than Manaj's ass
(why?) I'm a savage my wrath ripped his entourage in half
(oh ... ) Camouflage your path, I'm a ticking time bomb
Been trying to find my mind but I'm afraid that mines gone
We on a strange level compellingly killing the man
We're beating the devil
we're gathering rebels and doing the best we can
Just face it kid cant a single person fuck with me
The world could really use a change and I'd love to be
Better than everyone busting a flow
Saving the music and running the show
It's gotta be me because I'm gonna go
As hard as I can for the love and I know
That my intentions are the purest in the galaxy
I promise I will never flourish off a fallacy
I took this butter knife and shoved it up O'Reilly's ass
Then resurrected George Washington who would kindly smash
The double party systems what the founders warned about
They also cautioned of the bankers that were forming routes
Around the government to take it over quietly
I'm just waiting for the folks to open up their eyes and see
The country was stolen round' 1911
When president Wilson gave bankers the weapon
Control of the currency, nobody questions
The agency running the money, suppression
Of knowledge is present I rap about facts
I'm bucking the system no time to relax
I'm helping the planet with words in my tracks
And taking it back for lovers of rap
And rap is what I love that's what I'm all about
If I catch a kid abusing mics then I'ma call him out
You need to learn a couple things because you're fake as fuck
Your brain is hollow and I'm not afraid to say you suck
Give me the mic and I'll rip it again
I'm coming to dominate I'm going to win
If I can get money then I can defend
The music I love, I don't pretend
Like I dont want cash I need it to live
If I had money I know that I'd give
So take it slow control the flow and just enjoy the ride
This is the greatest tape just face and destroy your pride
Dont try to fight it just relax and trust the voice inside
To take a nap or take a trip that is your choice, decide
Track Name: Nice Guy
I wish I wasn't such a nice guy
Cause' life'll pass you right by
Feeling cheated as I gaze up at the night sky
If everybody takes advantage of us, why try?

Don't get it twisted I'ma elevate my wealth
Earthworm is on a quest to get more gold than Michael Phelps
Cause' Stealth is the tactic, this midget is jurassic
Tornado kicked his fact and it made his body backflip
He's gone now. Stop telling me I sound like so and so
I can't help it I'm a kid I liked his flow and so
It's natural. Please get off my back
Dissing me for taking stands when you're a coward you lack
Any conviction. I promise that I'm not an asshole
Because I never raise surrender from my flagpole
This kids a puppy dog. Me? I'm Chupacabra
I'd say my style is sort of like Tupac meets Chubacca
I got some pasta if you wanna come by
I know you've dated lots of douches but I'm not just some guy
That's gonna use you for sex, but hey! that's why they don't want me
If I acted like a dick the demons in my head would haunt me


Cause' I'm a rebel of rhythm I gettem flippin and jumpin
I tend to elevate your mental when I'm ripping there's somethin'
that lives inside me. I calculate decisions wisely
Hip-Hop is my religion cause' for real, this music guides me
I feel like Grumpy Cat every time I bump a track
People try to show me songs, I'm like dude ... this junk is flat
The funk attack is coming in full effect
I never gave a fuck I get dumb and I pull respect
Like a lever, whatever when I get clever they never
Realize I'm better competitor's records are softer than feathers
I'm the Apex Predator. Twelve Steps Ahead of your average Redditor
No disrespect, I'm just a messenger
with hypocritical conflicting ridiculous views
If you haven't noticed I'm twisted, sick, and confused
So join the madness cause' nice guys finish first
The secret is that there's no limits to the universe


Looks like Parappa the Rapper just went and blasted a pastor
Caused a natural disaster then laughed at last the rapture's
Among us. Cause' Honey Boo Boo's the apocalypse
All intelligent people are jumping off of cliffs
It's fucking hopeless. This is idiocracy
It's not like reason is a complex philosophy
We glorify slutty bitches, get in every bodies business
Make fun of yuppie mystics blabbing about how lovely physics
Can be. Because it's all about Swag
Public acceptance and being plastic like a bag
So fuck the planet, I'm sick of being quiet
If they sold bottled tap water, I bet you'd buy it
I should probably chill but I cant because I'm pissed off
Every time you talk I want to rip your fucking lips off
Houston we have lift off, who's this I've never heard of ya
I never tried to hide it I'm a writer from suburbia
Track Name: Reality
As I gaze at my reflection, I ask it all these questions
I'm on the verge of being twenty, no professions
excite me. I'm clinging to the thought I might be
the one that kills the microphone I know that it's unlikely
despite the
overwhelming sense of doom that looms in my subconscious
I'm confident that I'll accomplish
These people look at me like I'm so fucking immature
sometimes I goto sleep at night feeling so insecure
I write these poems that nobody even sees
I'm crushed by the feeling of love and sometimes its hard to breathe
a captain doesn't bail on his vessel I'll never leave
This music's all I have man, the people best believe

until the day that I drop, I love hip-hop
I'll never stop making this music around the clock
until the day that I drop I love hip-hop
I'll never stop making this music around the clock

I don't give a damn about a quadratic equation
instead I'm digging poetry, I'm addict for the bass and
the scratching , that's the sound that gets my mind relaxing
I'd rather write a triple double than subtract a fraction
In fact lets go to aspen, cause I can rap it fast when
I feel like better practice before you stab at this assassin
I'm smashin', all these shitty rappers at a faster rate
everything you said was wrong
double check your facts are straight
Master fate, take control, and rule your destiny
If you want to skate, go to school, or be the best MC
you have to try. cause life aint nothin but skills
you'll be imprisoned in the matrix if you're loving blue pills

until the day that I drop, I love hip-hop
I'll never stop making this music around the clock
until the day that I drop, I love hip-hop
I'll never stop making this music around the clock

man truthfully, I'll probably never be able to give
the type of life most suburban families live
with the swimming pool, the golden retriever, I'd need a great career
feels like it would take a miracle for me to make it near
I see a bunch of cheap apartments filled with nice guitars
walking down the path of life alone guided by lights and stars
fights and scars fill the empty shell until it's full of pain
I dont want to sleep in the matrix, morpheus pull the chain
Give me road trips, beautiful relationships
I'm looking for something deeper than fortune I'm not chasing chips
It's amazing kids get motivated by the status
they watch the grammys and think to themselves that that's the baddest
the saddest part is that their mentality reigns supreme
they bump ratchet rappers I listen to visionaries sing
songs of peace, now my peers think that I'm dumb
I don't care this music's all I need I'm comfortably numb
Track Name: Dreamer's Anthem
John Lennon and Dr. King
Shared a similar dream that bears a simple common theme
The brotherhood of man was meant to unify as one
It's not about the prophet or the crucified son
It's the feeling within that inspires you to be
The physical embodiment of positivity
Just to see a human being smile because you gave a compliment
To live at peace and to overcome the prominent
Issues you wish you could squash, we have to grow
If we never pay it forward then the kids will never know
I've come so far it's like I finally saw the light
As I knelt in that field on that dark spring night
I'm a dreamer, I see it. I'm not the only one
Captivated by the beauty of the moon and sun
It was Guru, Gandhi, Gandalf, and Yoda
The inner force within that just knows we're suppose ta
Take a stand even in the face of death
To sacrifice yourself, as the dreamer drew his final breath
He ascended into infinite the prophecy fulfilled
His spirit lived on despite the fact that he was killed
I challenge you to build on the pre-existing dreams
Of beautiful souls that existed because we as human beings
still love after we die
Just imagine, it's easy if you try

Morpheus: "Let me tell you why you are here. You're here because you know something. What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life. There's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there ... like a splinter in your mind"

I saw a film called A Bugs Life back when I was six
About this ant named Flik who could see through all the tricks
Of these evil grasshoppers using fear as a tool
To the rest of the colony Flik appeared as a fool
But it was cool, cuz Flik was a free thinking soul
He stood against adversity this ant played the role
Of a revolutionary figure trying to take it back
From the evil people fucking up the planet trying to jack
Your freedom and your peace and your food every season
Since we are the 99% there's no reason
For us to be afraid of them they need us to survive
It's no surprise that they try to divide
Everybody into categories, race and religion
Are nothing more than tools that they use people listen
This shit has gotta stop this is how the humans fall
It's time to take a stand and make a difference, it's your call
Will you be the change you want to see or die like a punk?
Quit perpetuating sin and quit faking the funk
And please, quit producing junk and pretending like it's music
If you think the point of life is cash then you're stupid
All we have to do is change the way that we think
It doesn't matter if you're man, woman, purple, or pink
Treat a stranger like your brother put your prejudice aside
It's for you to decide, at least this kid can say he tried

Hopper: "Ideas are very dangerous things. You are mindless, soil shoving losers, put on this earth to serve us."

Flik: "You're wrong. -- Mr. President --, Ants don't serve grasshoppers, it's you who need us"

Fuck yeah Flik

Party to another song, this is for the thinkers
Present day philosophers my man I'm talking dreamers
People that would rather live their life in peace
People searching for the truth I think I'll fight the beast
Because I'm sick of being lied to, I just want to live
And make music, I want to be a kid
For the rest of my days, kicking back with misses stunning
Willard told me to walk so now I'm running
To the park with my boom-box what did you expect?
Oh you get Facebook likes? I get respect
From the battles I participate in plus the songs I write well
I never keep my mouth shut, so I just might tell
A seniorita that she shouldn't get naked
For anybody undeserving cuz sex is sacred
When's the last time you heard somebody say that?
It's a shame that these people never play that
Face the facts, all they want is hits
So that every single morning they get pancakes with grits
While the kids like me can't even get biscuits
Because we tried to write rhymes that include lyrics
I'm not telling you to live your life in any type of way
I'm just speaking my beliefs and while I'm here, I'd like to say
Thank you for every single dreamer in existence
If you feel the way I feel be part of the resistance
And take it back this is for real it isn't play
Strive to be a good person every single day
Pay it forward could be real if you let it manifest
It's hard to change the world but at least we tried our best
Track Name: Good Enough
Sometimes a kid needs somebody to look up to
I try to be the best brother because I love to
Inspire people, that's why I'm here
I'm not perfect I'm a human, I fear
Rejection I been stressing that my tape would not be good enough
Sometimes I go to sleep at night afraid that I'm not good enough
Well what the hell is good enough? It's all perception
I'm living for the greater good that's my direction
Inception is taking place with positive vibes
As I walk the land dodging the provocative tribes
I feel alive. Full of hope. Free and optimistic
If you don't feel the same I sincerely hope you fix it
(how?) Take control of your body mind and soul
Allow the beautiful moment to take hold
Smile at your shitty car, Appreciate your giant house
Respect yourself and leave if you have a violent spouse
The force is real I can feel it all around me
Sometimes I feel stupidity dominantly surrounds me
It drowns me. Some nights I lose faith completely.
Then I get back up on my feet because they will not defeat me
It's easy to quit and give into the selfish ego
It's difficult to show compassion I propose that we go
Forward with humanity. No time for petty squabbles
Forget about the lines that divide us forget your rivals
Practice what you preach ask yourself What Would Gandhi Do?
It's probably the same that Jesus, Martin King, or John would do
But half of you will just ignore me judging everybody else
When what you oughtta do is take a good look at yourself ...
Shit, that's as real as it gets
I'm the furthest from the illest I appeal to the kids
That feel the system is rigged. I'd rather do a show
I'd rather make a bunch of music I would rather go
To the edges of oblivion and defecate on Satan's face
I'm always moving forward I'm not trying to stay in place
The saving grace was absent so I took a chance and tried
He never wrote an answer back because his hands were tied
I killed him, that's a fact and you know it
Look, I acknowledge I'm an angry jealous poet
Devoted to the music. Angry with the mainstream.
That's why I dissed him I felt like it was the same thing
That Drake would talk about I'm about to blow my brains out
In my mother's house so that she has to clean the stains out
My thoughts are fucked up. Music makes it better
When I'm in the zone, I feel like spongebob in a sweater
Do you understand Hip-Hop's what I'd die for?
For every rhyme you got, I got 25 more
Feeling like a cyborg staying up til' Five Forty Six
Every single morning making music, I bore
People that just want some shit that they can dance to
I swear to god I feel afraid that they won't jam to
The music I've created I'm afraid of being laughed at
There goes that wanna be rapper man, what an ass hat
From 2012 til' I'm not afraid of failing
I'm jumping off the cliff head first I'm impaling
Myself against the gravel it's a giant leap of faith
Until I make it, I'll be working at a pizza place
You can laugh you can talk a bunch of shit
You can call me egotistic, you can tell your friends that I'm a dick
Cause I don't give a damn. I don't like you anyway
I love to battle and I'm down for that shit any day
Call me Earnest Hemingway I write more than Tolstoy
My stack of raps looks like "War and Peace" my souls joy
Is more important than what mother fuckers think of me
This is not a phony image I rebel instinctively
So Fuck Society. And Fuck a Hypocrite.
And Fuck every person judging me I'm sick of it
Track Name: Pizza Place Blues
I clock in 7 minutes late as usual
No sense of urgency pretending life's a musical
My boss is pissed. She smiles but its fake
There's a shit load of deliveries to take
I gather all the different Items on the ticket
My car is busted but I cant afford to fix it
I travel 7 miles to the boundaries borders
Just to get the whopping tip of 2 dollars in quarters
What a douche bag I hope he catches AIDS
My next delivery is at a strip club, I hope they're down for trades
I'm aggravated stress is piling
So I roll the windows up put on a beat and start freestyling
Get so excited that I swerve and hit a phone pole
Kill a homeless person hit and run that shit was stone cold
6 minutes later cops are chasing me.
K-9 Units bite my ass, now the jakes are tazing me
I can't believe that they locked me in a FEMA Camp
And sewed my mouth shut so every time I try to scream I can't
Thinking to myself this is obnoxious
As I snap out of it I realize I'm folding boxes
Track Name: Contagious Phrases ft. Jamie
(That's Jamie singing the hook)

I write the contagious phrases. My tape amazes
It raises you to places that you haven't felt for ages
I feel courageous when battling on stages
My music's guaranteed to open ears like gauges
My style erases stupid then replaces
What they wrote with something that's better no more disgraces
Embrace this because I get deeper than space is
Crushing heavy armor killing kids with Daedric Maces
My fan base is, priceless like vases
From ancient civilizations exquisite taste is
Vanishing no traces could be found on pages
Of what you wrote I kill it catching murder cases
Hip-Hop displaces power then defaces
The system, that's why they control it. Ruling Aces
Trying and set the basis for psychologic phases
(why?) they want your money so they stuff your brains in cages

I wish I could express the importance of my quest
If the nothing manifests only emptiness if left
I won't rest until the greatest issue is addressed
The point of life is not chicks with big fake breasts
I swear to god I get depressed I get queezy in my chest
When I think about the people that the demons have possessed
I detest acting like a fool. I suggest
That you open up your mind before you wind up like the rest
Pretending that your fresh when your life is just a mess
Drinking every night with two kids I'm not impressed
If you depend on cess to alleviate your stress
Then you need to take a couple steps back and re-access

It's hard to write a verse that follows up on the first
When you're trying to rhyme the whole entire thing I got this curse
I can't disperse words without worth
and I'm trying to find a positive way to impact the earth
Plus I got this thirst that I just can't reverse
I want to put the reputations of posers inside a hearse
I guess that I'm the worst since I try to immerse
Myself into a peaceful state of mind it never works
I tend to go berserk then I try to subvert
Their illegitimate agenda then put it into the dirt
I exert infinite force just for a smirk
Notice every time you challenge a battle the fakes dessert