the Irresponsible EP

by Feral the Earthworm

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released May 12, 2014


1. Ol' Dirty Bastard - Brooklyn Zoo
2. Jurassic 5 - Sum of Us
3. Demastas - Feel No Guilt
4. EOM - Zoog Zug
5. Dr. Dre - The Message
6. Lords of the Underground - Funky Child



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Feral the Earthworm Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Earthworm
I make homes out of dirt
I live on planet earth
I've questioned my significance ever since birth
Just a clueless little worm merely trying to get by
Looking for my greater purpose before the day I die
I fertilize the soil I'm productive and I'm useful
I try to be the best I can but I'm still a pupil
Learning, growing living
Squirming, flowing, giving
All I got, before I rot, Skipping patty flipping
Slipping through the murky mud just trying to make a name
The lowest on the chain, Swimming against the grain
I get slain through their spectacles simply just for my looks
Nobody gives a fuck about the worm inside his books
They put hooks in my lip then I get tossed into the lake
Then dissected in science class I cannot catch a break
So I take what I can get and never let them put me down
I'm not a surface creature so I'm happy underground

Brown dirt is my habitat I got what I need
I'm an Earthworm for life and that's the truth that I believe
I will feed on the energy from my few fans
because it's hard to write a rap when you're born without hands

Big Plans big plans better watch out
Never had the time to give away thats why I dropped out
Look, I'm not interested in a mansion
But rather just a shack lit with candles I can dance in
If travel makes you happy, and music is your passion
Then why you study law? Don't get offended I'm just askin'
I meet a lot of people who tell me they're not at peace
I tell them focus on what you love cause' my belief is that we
Only get a couple revolutions round' the sun
You might as well enjoy it when you're put into the ground your done
And I'll be god damned if they take a single day from me
Watching turtles by the lake feels like the place to be
Simplistic scrubbish bliss there's nothing as fun as this
Hip-Hop will never die so long as love exists
And if I got that? They'll never put me down.
I'm not a surface creature so I'm happy underground

Brown dirt is my habitat I got what I need
I'm an Earthworm for life and that's the truth that I believe
I will feed on the energy from my few fans
Because it's hard to write a rap when you're born without hands
Track Name: Feel No Guilt
I said, You suck at rapping. You can't keep a beat
And whens the last time you could even see your feet?
The crowd reacted. Chubby got mad.
They voted me the victor now he's jealous and I'm glad
Cause' when you battle man, it's kill or be killed
Don't be a bitch because you lost keep it real and rebuild
Skill is irrefutable you're losing for a reason
By the time I'm finished usually the dude is breathin'
Through tubes and shit, snoozin' in a hospital bed
I meditated while you're boozin' I get hostile for bread
Nothing's impossible dead, My Third Opticle said
Words exist outside of time the philosophical fled
To the mountains where fountains of wisdom flow like the Euphrates
That's why I feel no guilt when I'm calling out you crazies
Cause' frankly? I don't give a fuck about your sports car.
Or how expensive your special designer shorts are.
This dork far supersedes you in soul
You're waking up at three twenty PM then packing a bowl
Cause' you're just acting a role, You're not about this life.
If you've never heard of Q-Tip, I doubt that Phife
Is in your list, I wish that they could understand the founding
Before they try to rap because I feel it leaves em sounding
Like all these poppy modern hypocrites I'll slap you
The definition of a bitch is one that feels he has to
Live up to his fake fucking image on a facebook
I swear that half of yall are snobby wanna be's who Stay Shook
Guess that I'm a dickhead because all I feel is Hate
but all I'm trying to say's you suck I wipe my ass with your tape

and that's why .....

When I'm busting up a party I feel no guilt.
Track Name: Zoog Zug
You think at dumb and dumbers pace
Living in a cluttered space
Rapping like those other fakes
You better shut the gates
I'll cut you like the guts of snakes
then cook you up like buttered cakes
And eat you on my supper plates
I bust like when a gusher breaks
Drop the Thunder Bass (the bass actually drops in the song)
This MC is most Powerful
The dominating overlord who known for dropping hours full of
Perfection resurrection is a form of restoration
Hip-Hop was unconscious til worm performed resuscitation
I'm , egotistic by nature don't give a fuck
Been listening to Dr. Dre records my brain is stuck in this
Aggressive overwhelming violent never silent mode
If you were digging Miley's new music then suck a giant chode
I'm pissing on your corpses with evil forces like Voldemort
Trying to kill the demon that's within I feel my soul contort
Told the court I hadn't been to school cause' it's a waste of time
My future now contains manual labor and that abrasive grind
Will probably be enough to drive a human being crazy
But if you're trying to find the pot of gold it won't be found by being lazy
You gotta work, don't have a choice, but I'll still Rap for Fun
Sorry that your songs are quadriplegic but my Tracks can Run
In the headphones of your son, daughter, dog, or cat
My record get more spins than washers at the laundromat
My songs are odd and fat, dope as fuck what's wrong with that?
Fake rappers falling flat, I beat him in the jaw with bats
Cut up by my saws and Axe, Clawed to death then Mauled with raps
Ballistic missiles to your mouth I make em' all collapse
Your shoulders are slouched, I'm standing proud like tall giraffes
My styles proper yours is in the Trash and Small like Rats
My Technicality's meticulous
A student of the craft and my potential's limitless
It's ridiculous
I'm just so fucking sick with this
Calculated methods diligent like instrumentalists
I'm known for being venomous
View me as the guardian
My respect for the culture's got me in the parks again
Freestyling with my peoples rhyming from the heart again
I'm always thinking out the box that you keep cheap cigars within
So Peace to Wax and EOM
I cant even imagine what a joyful ride it's been
I know that yall been friends ever since courage was liquefied
Hope you know the beats and rhymes that you supplied solidified
My little life. I gotta say, thank you for that.
Everyday you prove hip-hop's alive the lines no longer flat
In my veins it reigns supreme, I fiend for funky shit, I need it
What inspires me the most? Is the manner yall achieved it.
Fuck the record labels I'm sure that they serve a purpose
But Wax and EOM don't need em' still reachin the surface
Cause' we will always purchase, the shit that yall release
Just ... remain yourselves and keep making mad beats
Track Name: The Written Freestyle
This shit is like a test of wits for me it's bout' the word play
Kids like to stress and quit while I prefer the birds way
I'm sure to say some shit that will offend you
If I thought it, I said it. I don't pretend to
Be some distraction in a sea of flashing lights
I'm merely trying to catch a measly fraction slice
But fights ... Indecision ... Hypocrisy
Trying to squash the evil ego driven properties
But possibly ... I'm two people at once
The steeple meets the needle feed the feeble his lunch
Look, I've got this hunch that the stars know more than we do
And they're observing the humans as if they're see through
I believe that each new, days a chance
To pursue the things you love to sing and dance
To plant connections in the lives of ones you long to love
Even if no doubt you'll fail it's never wrong because
At least you tried, give yourself a high five, you're still alive
Cause' all those rivers you've cried? yep.
Produce hydro electric power
Which could be used to grow a special flower
So learn from this. I guess it had to be.
He shakes his fist at god cause' it's too sad to see
Fuck you god. Fuck you. I hate you.
I'm breaking into heaven just to slap you I can't wait to
How dare you take that. I give you all I have to give
It's so easy for immortals yall just laugh and live
We humans deal with loss, Rejection, and Anguish.
You pussies just smile from heaven Earth is dangerous
Take a step off your mountain and see what life is like
It must be nice to be delivered rice if I don't ride this Trike
Everything is gone. Rent dream relationship, Frustrated
Have vs. Have not I'm in his face and shit
If you don't appreciate the fact that yall are rich as fuck
Or that's a fifty thousand dollar truck I wish you bitches luck
Roger Waters dropped a jewel and I respect that
As I reflect I catch my breath progress to step back
If everything under the sun's in tune
But the sun is just eclipsed by the moon we're just doomed?
Does that mean that we'll never see the light?
And we'll never get through life without living like it's three at night?
Bullshit. Think of all the power sun has.
Think of every phase you've made it through that's moon pass
Soon as it keeps rolling Darkness fades away
Can you unplug yourself? Yes. Save the day.
Those west campus kids? They're human beings too
Stop thinking so judgemental that's not being true
You don't know em. Keep rolling on your bike
Whogaf. You fucking hypocrite, Alright ...
You finally see the point. Live and let live
It's not your place to judge this person you don't know em' Case Dismissed
Fuck those kids! Lettem call you names.
Lettem talk shit. Lettem look at you strange.
Since when do you care? Did Austin make you soft?
Running from family problems is that why you moved off?
Probably. Hows it feel, you just walked away "
And justified your actions as you lost the days
Working and writing. Hows your little brother?
and whens the last time that you bothered to call your mother?
It's all working out for you. Nevermind the graveyard
Completely disconnected from the past he makes art
Takes part in something that he tells himself is selfless
Second guesses feeling selfish shit this kid is helpless
Nobody kicks my ass better than me
I always feel as if there's pressure to be
Something more. I'm sorry Blake. I'm sorry Mike.
I'm sorry Trevor. I stay awake at night
Watching Netflix. Blazin j's composing.
Lying to myself in Crazy Ways I'm always Hoping.
That I'll just wake up in Huntsville with Chico on my lap
Mom smoking cigarettes besides the door as Baylee naps
I'd kill for that. I miss the fire.
There's a permanent hole in my soul I'm tired
I ran away, I admit it. No excuse.
If I could play the role of god you know I'd choose a different path
But I just had to go.
I shoveled shit for so long, I just hope you know.
That not a day goes by, where I don't wonder why.
why? Why?

Where's my family? Where's my family?
Sometimes it feels that there's no one on Earth who understands me.
Where's my family? Where's my family?
Sometimes it feels that there's no one on Earth who understands me.
Where's my family? Where's my family?
Sometimes it feels that there's no one on Earth who understands me.
Where's my family? Where's my family?
Sometimes it feels that there's no one on Earth who understands me.

so fuck it. I spend my time inside alone writing because I love it.
I don't need anything from Anyone.
I'll storm the bank myself with just a minigun
The blue print. My armor plus the plans
Then flawlessly escape in my camper van with two hundred grand
and ride off the sunset
Track Name: Puppy Dawg
I'm the type of dude to hit some blow right off a strippers ass
Forget the pass I'm ditching class cause' the spliff was passed
My way. I been stoned since last friday
Fuck my english paper doing kickflips on the driveway
Deserves precedence I wake up and piss excellence
Cause' even when my raps are dumb as shit I use intelligence
To get the party started we just need a beat box
Commence to kick a flow and watch the people swing from Tree Tops
I receive props standing on my own feet
Music is my god and I can feel it bone deep
My telephone beeps and buzzes with texts
the metronome keeps me puzzled as I struggle for checks

I never flex my talents because I don't have to that's stupid
Proving I'm better's something I choose to do through music
I'm bout to lose it. These humans better chill
Cause' if I'm disrespected I can't be held accountable I will
Crush your puppy with a cinder block
While making eye contact I'll send him into shock
Last night at ten oclock is when your furry friend was caught
Then was shocked with a million watts now he's not living ...
and I'm an Isolated ShitBag.
There's barely nothing in my fridge I guess it is sad.
These kids have been bad I meditate like Gohan.
I'm ripping microphones from Texas State to Rohan
And if I'm so gone I'll bust a flow that goes on
I'm strategic when I play the game because I'm no pawn
I'm the freshest from Texas with twenty years of perfectness
Collecting checks I get reckless respected best for my methods
I'm cooking breakfast with the sun I'm productive
The reason for my foolishness is because once I was abducted
By, martians in my sleep and they implanted this chip
Now my penmanship is top ten percent it's a trip

[Scarface Sample]

You guessed it right kids I'm pissed off and salty
Leaning to left off like six cups of coffee
I beat these rappers asses worse than rebels did Qaddafi
When I bite they fuckin heads off in public some call me Ozzy
I'm supposed to be the dope MC who's potency is notably
The greatest locally or globally hip-hop is poetry
Just know the key at least for me is wisdom and ambition
I'm trying to own a labels and venues I'm on a mission
If you're wishing to collaborate the shit won't be for free
I'm not a fucking douche bag because I request a fee
So many human beings want me featured on their songs
If I took the time to do them all three thousand I'd be on
I'm working on Fifth Pillar (my album) and that shit comes first
Plus never in my life have I half assed a verse
This is complicated shit and I know it has some worth
So the least that you could do is compensate me for the effort I exert
Not to mention that I'm broke as fuck and bitter
Because I live on West Campus where every single kid is richer
I contemplate my outlook as I sit by the river
Trying to kill the snakes in the reflection I see them slither
I'm only twenty trying to figure it out
I'd like to by myself I'm sick of living in doubt
I skipped out on college so I can't be an attorney
Instead I'm trying to rap and it's a dangerous journey